Digimia LLC Principals

Who We Are

Digimia was founded in 2007 by two executives from IDT/Net2Phone Corporation.  We are people with a passion for building solutions and have a track record of success.  We hold several patents in VoIP and Communications protocols.  We are experts in Mission Critical systems, Web Technologies, Database Technologies, Scaling systems, Business Process Analysis, Migrating Legacy Applications to the Web, and most recently, building Android and Mobile Web-based applications.

Our Background

Beginning with a group of only three people, led by Yaakov (Jeff) Goldberg (as CTO and Chief Scientist) and Chaim Ackerman (as V.P. R&D), our team designed, programmed, deployed and operated the first commercial PC to Phone service in the world – Net2Phone. Net2Phone grew to about 700 employees with a value of close to $2B. At various times prior to that they had been employees of Bell Labs and consultants where they acquired knowledge of large-scale, real-time, fault-tolerant communications systems. Using that knowledge and years of experience, they created world-class software and an international VoIP and data network.

Following the success of Net2Phone, Yaakov and Chaim were founding members of Adir Technologies, a joint venture between Net2Phone, Cisco and Softbank. Adir was a software technology company formed to create and sell VoIP technology for building and managing world-wide VoIP networks.

They later rejoined Net2Phone to create the Net2Phone Cable Telephony division. This division was formed to offer tier-2 cable companies the ability to offer cable-based voice services to their customers. This technology and systems was deployed in Puerto Rico, Belgium, Luxembourg, France and several states in the United States and continues to be an outstanding revenue source for the company.

Digimia LLC was formed in 2007 to both independently explore new trends and opportunities of technology, and assist businesses achieve their corporate goals, letting Digimia focus on the details of technology.

   Recent Projects